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The Essential Qualities of a UX Leader

Laser-focused, innovative, patient, authentic. These are all qualities we look for in our leaders. For ambitious UXers, leading a team, a company, or even the field, is probably in your sights. So ...


UX Master Series – Jeff Gothelf

This is the first episode in a mini-series, between season 1 and 2 of True North, called the ‘Master Series’. Loop11’s co-founder Shefik Bey talks to Jeff Gothelf. Jeff is the author ...


How to Communicate Errors Well

It’s late evening and you’re sitting in front of your computer trying to order pizza online. You’re starving. A large salami one. Order. Pay with credit card. Error while processing order (E3428) ...


Why Agile-Based UX is Hard

Every so often I find myself in a conversation with someone who wants to put UX design into a typical agile or scrum process together with the engineering team, and if they ...


Design for Proximity, Not for Clicks

Remember when the web was a collection of static websites, largely HTML, no CSS, and layout done with tables and frames? How about even farther back ‘ when your choice of mediums ...


Functional Minimalism for Web Design

Rooted in the post-World War II artistic movement, minimalism has reemerged as a powerful technique in modern web design. This technique sometimes presents as an attempt to prioritize content over the chrome. ...