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The Futures of Typography

Typesetting on the web has evolved from a quirky afterthought into an invaluable practice. Within a span of twenty years complex interfaces that adapt to their environment, as well as an overwhelming ...


Introducing Source Serif 2.0

Version 2.0 of Source Serif is here! The work on this release has been a long time coming, and represents a major step forward. You can get this newest version of Source ...


Flawless Typography Checklist

Invest in your career as a designer—become a true typography expert and get guaranteed flawless typography on every design project. “Design is 95% typography.” “Typography is graphic design’s secret club.” As a ...


Early Modern Typography

70.000+ examples of Type, Decoration, Layout and Bindings 1450-1800. In 2017 the complete collection of annotated photocopies, collected by Paul Blouw for his personal use during his long career as an independent ...


How to Describe Typefaces

Selecting an appropriate font for a project lies in the ability to understand more than what a font looks like. An avant-garde font from the early 20th century set alongside a serif ...