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App Icon Template For Sketch

Design your icon in the size your users will view it. This icon will automatically be scaled to the required sizes, both for iOS and Android. Your icon is always competing with ...


Behind the Icons

If you happen to be reading this on a Mac, take a look at the command key — it was designed by Susan Kare back in the ’80s, a time when computer ...


How To Create Icons In Adobe XD

Released in March this year, Adobe Experience Design (“XD”) is a new all-in-one tool that lets you design and prototype websites and mobile apps. It is bound to provide a fast and ...


Easy Steps To Better Icon Design

Icon and vector marketplaces like Iconfinder (where I work) are making well-designed vector icons an inexpensive and readily available resource for web and print designers. Thousands of high-quality premium icon sets and ...


On Icons

Icons save space. Icons look crisp. Icons give quick answers to hard questions: How do we make it nicer? How can we brand it? How do we make it more fun? We ...


Using Light to Make Better Icons

Light is a key foundation for many creative professions, but for the purposes of this article I want to focus your attention to its significance in icon design. Light probably isn’t the ...


Icon Grid: When And How To Use It?

Grids, oh, mighty grids! I think this is the most requested article of all times. And yet, in my opinion, grids are overrated. Yep, I said this. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes ...


Earnest Illustration Guide

During my time at Earnest, I created almost all of the iconography that was being used. I put to use my brand expertise as well as first hand working knowledge of the ...