HeyDesigner Weeky [641]

The LEGOism of design systems, Color palettes for design systems, and more ...

In this week's edition, we delve into the concept of LEGOism within design systems, crafting color palettes for design systems, selecting the perfect icons for your typography, uncovering typography variables in Figma, and much more.

Highlights of the week ↘

The LEGOism of design systems - We’re pitching the value of a design system as a time-saving, plug n’ play collection of LEGO bricks when we really should be pitching the Building Instructions instead. - Mark Anthony Cianfrani

How to generate color palettes for design systems - Modern software needs accessibility, adaptability, and consistency across dozens of devices, themes, and contexts. Picking colors by hand is practically impossible. - Matthew Ström

Product design, UX/UI and PM ↘

The Big Sur-ification of macOS icons - As a self-professed icon-noisseur, I love browsing through app icons that people have re-imagined for their desktops - wresting control of the visual appearance of the app icon from its maker and appropriating it to themselves. - Jim Nielsen

Choosing the perfect icons for your typeface - A complete guide on how to pair icons and typefaces to create a consistent visual language. - Streamline

3 models for framing software complexity - Using 37 Signals’ visual metaphors to strategically approach software projects. - Patrick Morgan

Design engineering ↘

Meet Ritmo, Musixmatch’s cross-platform design system - One of the most interesting aspects of working on design systems is that there is no absolute truth for everyone: each team or organization finds its own, based on its own needs and those of the people who are part of it. - Andrea Zilibotti

Roaming shapes for empty states - I really enjoy sweating the details and going the extra mile to elevate experiences in apps. One example I’ve worked on recently had a few empty states that were missing something. - Tony Ward

The art of design system recipes - Recipes are a critical - and often misunderstood - layer in the design system ecosystem. First of all, what exactly are recipes? - Brad Frost

Masonry layouts in CSS - Jen Simmons has written a stellar piece for the WebKit blog about masonry layouts and a proposal to introduce them in CSS Grid Level 3. - Robin Rendle

Hardest problem in computer science: Centering things - This is my claim: we, as a civilization, forgot how to center things. I mean, we know how to do it. It has never been simpler. - Nikita Prokopov

Tools and resources ↘

Typography variables in Figma are here - And everything else that’s new from Figma’s Framework event. - Joey Banks

The front end developer handbook 2024 - A guide to modern front-end web development/engineering. - Frontend Masters

Inspiration and creativity ↘

Works on screen - These works respond to your screen dimensions and many have a time-based component, often synchronized for all viewers. - Joshua Jenkins

3 hours or nothing - The merits of being binary with your time. - Anu Atluru

Last but not least ↘

This web of ours, revisited - Why did leading designers in 2000 look down their nose at the web? And are things any better today? - L. Jeffrey Zeldman

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