Every designer is always scouting for that next source of inspiration. What if we were to tell you you can combine your creative endeavours and inspiration and have it all in one place? The need for visual content is a constant for you, so here’s how you can save yourself some time and use stock photography as both your inspiration and your source for visuals.

Depositphotos Flexible Plan

Stock photography can come in handy when you’re working on mockups. Regardless of the kind of project you’re working on, photography, illustrations and videos are essential when you need materials to work with. Having a trusted source that will cover your needs and do so in a professional manner is a must for every professional.

Depositphotos is one of the world’s leading marketplaces for stock photography. Your choices of visual content are not limited to photography as there are also illustrations, vector files and videos. In addition, we have a flourishing blog that combines inspiration, marketing tips, and insights into the communications industry.

A good starting place for inspiration is the Depositphotos blog. You will find an abundance of tips, inspirational materials, interviews with professionals, tutorials and insights into the communications industry. Every Tuesday, we publish featured collections of images (which you can use for your projects). They’re hand selected visuals that follow specific themes and offer the best photographs in the respective categories. It’s extremely convenient and could save you some time when you need that perfect image. Instead of spending hours looking for the right images, they’re already there for you.

When you find images that you’d like to use, you can collect them in your ‘Favourites’ tab with your Depositphotos account. To do this, simply hover over the image and click on the start icon. You can also create separate folders to organize your collections of images. This will create a virtual place where you can collect your inspiration and always have the images ready for purchase.

Buying stock photography doesn’t have to be expensive. With our new Flexible plan, you can purchase up to 30 images for just $29 a month. You can have all your photographs for projects in one place and have an affordable solution for when you need to buy images in bulk. All additional images under the Flexible plan are just $1 each. Get your Flexible plan today and uncover your creativity!

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