We all know that scaling a startup isn’t easy. Startups fail and others elevate to unicorn status every single day, yet the recipe for success isn’t clear cut. What is clear cut is the need for the right people to join you along the journey to the top.

Take Airbnb, Udacity and Thumbtack, for example. These leading startups need to take their companies to the next level and scale quickly. But finding the right talent can be a daunting task—it’s hard to take key players away for days to review and interview candidates.

That’s why these startups, among many others, turn to Toptal to help them optimize their hiring process, and scale their teams faster and smarter. Toptal’s designers are among the top professionals worldwide—they’re experienced and vetted pros from companies like Google, Disney, and Marvel. In order to join Toptal’s network, designers must pass a rigorous five-step vetting process, which assesses them on everything from strong communication and interpersonal skills to producing a stellar project that showcases their design talent. (Only 3% of those who apply pass this process.)


Top startups rely on Toptal’s senior-level matchers to hand-pick the best the designer for their team, by working hand-in-hand to understand the exact needs of the project. The guesswork is completely eliminated. In most cases, clients have their new designers working in less than three weeks from the day they started with Toptal, with a 95% first trial success rate.

Perhaps best of all? Clients pay only when satisfied.

Ready to scale your team faster and easier than ever before? Discover why top startups rely on Toptal to scale with confidence.

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