Prototyping is playing an increasingly vital role in software design. In the last 12 months alone, prototyping tools have exploded. But while new and interesting ways to craft animation are common to most new generation prototyping tools, beyond that, they’re not all heading in the same direction. For software teams who are dissatisfied with their desktop design tools, Atomic is a cloud-based collaborative design platform. It provides an easy-to-use web application for teams who want to design and prototype together, as well as a central hub for sharing and reusing each other’s work. Unlike other collaborative design tools, Atomic has high-fidelity prototyping features, a true multi-user editing environment, and the ability to share designs and prototypes with the entire team. “Many designers struggle to make prototyping stick in their everyday workflow because they treat it as a deep-dive, isolated exercise of polishing and refinement. The best designers, on the other hand, design and prototype openly, iteratively and collaboratively with their whole team. They share their work in progress, work together and don’t get overwhelmed by prototyping alone” says Atomic Co-founder and CEO Darryl Gray. Atomic slides nicely into an existing design workflow by letting you pull in your designs from Sketch or Photoshop. Although some designers prefer to stick with their desktop tools for the initial design, many quickly find that designing and prototyping in Atomic saves precious time and energy. Designing and prototyping in the cloud eliminates the friction of file sharing, messy versions and syncing. Since everyone in the team can tap into Atomic in the cloud, sharing and visibility around work in progress are dramatically improved. Prototyping Atomic is packed with features that leverage the cloud. Any design or prototype can be shared in seconds via a simple URL, collaborators can be invited in to work together, and prototypes can be experienced on any device, anywhere in the World. In a few weeks, Atomic are releasing a huge feature which will take team-based sharing and collaborative prototyping to a whole new level – Atomic Components. Like Symbols on steroids, Components will make it easy to create modular pattern libraries and fully interactive prototyping Components everyone in a design team can reuse, share and evolve. Atomic has a free 30-day trial and offer a range of plans for individual designers, teams and enterprise. The best way to explore Atomic is to jump on a free 30 day trial. This content is sponsored via Syndicate Ads