HeyDesigner Weeky [642]

My product prioritization framework, The polish paradox and more ...

Product prioritization framework, An experimental laboratory of fine UI, The sound of software

Highlights of the week ↘

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uilabs - An experimental laboratory of fine UI - Mariana Castilho

My product prioritization framework - The beauty of this framework is you can use it whenever you need to triage a massive initiative. It’s not a detailed roadmap of what to do. - David Hoang

Product design, UX/UI and PM ↘

The polish paradox - Polish is a word that gets thrown out in conversations about craft, quality, and beauty. We talk about it at the end of the design process, before the work goes out the door. - Matthew Ström

The sound of software - Sound is an outcast in software design. We may embrace the aesthetics of animation and visuals, but sound is different. It’s intrusive. Unlike visuals on a screen, you can’t look away or ignore it. - Andy Allen, Thomas Williams

Notes on quality - Quality is often something hard to talk about, but easy to experience. When you use it, it works; when you look at it, it’s beautiful; when you pick it up, it feels good. - Matt Griffin

Beliefs about quality I want to disprove - I’ve had software interface quality on my mind for most of my career. Here are some things I believe are true. I would prefer that they are not. - Anthony Hobday

Design engineering ↘

How to think about HTML responsive images - Here’s how I made sense of responsive image content, progressing from simpler to more complicated - and then back to simple. - Dan Cătălin Burzo

Don’t put crap in the design system - While crap is an unavoidable part of product design and development, it has no place in a design system. - Brad Frost

Composability in design systems - The design systems that struggle with adoption often have the best of intentions. “Look, there are all these pre-made components for you—you should just use them!” But that can be very disempowering. Where’s the sense of agency in using a pre-made solution? - Jeremy Keith

A primer on the cascade and specificity - Often feared by developers, the cascade and specificity is actually really simple if you utilise the right mental model when authoring CSS. - Andy Bell

Tools and resources ↘

Variables in Figma - Figma variables enable you to adopt a tokens approach within your design files. In this tutorial, you’ll get all the basics to start using them right away. - Javier Cuello

Inspiration and creativity ↘

Today’s Design: Celebrate the best designs every day - Join a new design community. Share your work, receive feedback, and vote on the best designs. - Giel Cobben

Ideas for my dream CMS - Most of my dream CMS features center around improving my writing and content surfacing. All these ideas seem like a pretty good fit for LLMs or AI, even though I don’t drink from that particular well often. - Dave Rupert

Last but not least ↘

Everybody reads - If you’ve gotten this far, you’re helping prove my point. People read all day, everyday. - PJ Onori

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