Hiring great designer talent can be challenging. Even after spending hours reviewing dozens of portfolios, and interviewing the best designers you can find, when you finally hire, you’re crossing your fingers and hoping that you’ve made the right choice. And inevitably, sometimes you don’t luck out.


But what if you could get guaranteed expertise, hand picked just for you? That’s the premise behind Toptal’s elite UX/UI designer network, which can help you hire top-quality talent, faster and easier than ever before.

How Toptal Vets Designers

Toptal starts with the very best senior-level talent—experts who’ve designed for top companies like Google, Disney, and Marvel. Then Toptal puts these designers through a rigorous, five-step vetting process to ensure that they meet a series of exacting standards: They must have strong language and interpersonal skills, pass a technical review and a live screening session, and rock an in-depth test project in order to be selected for Toptal’s elite network. (Only 3% of Toptal’s prospective designers make it through the vetting process and into Toptal’s network).

How Toptal Streamlines the Hiring Process

When you’re ready to hire, you’ll speak with one of Toptal’s matchers, who are senior designers themselves. You’ll work hand-in-hand with your matcher so they can understand exactly what your needs are for your project. Then, they’ll connect you with one or two handpicked candidates who match your exact technical requirements and your budget.

You won’t just save time and shave weeks off of the hiring process—you’ll have a designer with the exact skillset you need, and a proven track record, guaranteed. It’s no surprise that so many top startups like Airbnb, Udacity and Thumbtack, along with Fortune 500 companies like JP Morgan, HP, and Emirates, turn to Toptal whenever they need to scale their team fast.

Discover how Toptal can help you find top-quality talent for your next project—guaranteed.

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