Great experiences build great businesses. It’s what drives us at Adobe to provide designers with the best tools and the solutions to bring those experiences to life. Great experiences are hard to quantify, but we all know when we’re having them and when we’re not. How many of us have downloaded an app or visited a website, been confused or frustrated by a sign-on experience or interface…and never gone back?

We believe there is a better way.

Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview) is a preview release of our UX design solution for the design community to deliver mobile apps and websites. We are releasing this Preview to invite the full design community to share their feedback, ensuring that designers give critical input into the evolving product features. Adobe XD is available as a free download with an Adobe ID on Mac OS X, with Windows coming later this year.

Great attention to detail has been applied to all aspects of the product and although it’s still a preview you’ll find that it’s ready for production work now. Some things to point out:

All in one

Adobe XD is the only solution that allows you to design, prototype and share within one system. See changes flow through to your prototype in real time. No more going back and forth between multiple systems with multiple versions of your design files and assets.


Adobe XD is lightning-fast, with smooth scrolling, panning and zooming of complex projects and graphic-rich art boards, even with the large file sizes involved. Every feature and decision is vetted for its impact on performance to ensure the very best experience for our customers.


We are building Adobe XD from the ground up in collaboration with the design community. They’ve been working with us on great features such as “Repeat Grid,” which makes designing repeated items in lists and grids,an essential pattern in mobile and web designs, less tedious and almost instantaneous.

Connected Creativity

Designers can easily bring in existing assets from Creative Cloud, such as Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC. One click sharing allows designers to share prototypes with any stakeholder on any device. Once designs are finalized, assets can be easily exported to developers for production work. And, this is just the beginning. Richer collaboration features along with deeper integration with Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Stock are all on the roadmap.

Adobe XD - Prototyping

We’re just getting started

The art and science of designing compelling mobile apps and web experiences has never been more important, and experience-led designs are putting more demands than ever on creative teams. We hope this Preview release makes the UX designer’s job easier and the experiences they create, richer. From the beginning this has been a constructive collaboration between our design team and the design community, and we look forward to delivering monthly releases. Test drive the XD Preview for Mac OS X and let us know what you think./h3>

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