We could all agree that turning your designs into beautiful user flow diagrams is a pain. User flows are hard to build and maintain, and as the entire process is fragmented, very often it ends up being skipped.

Why? It’s simple. A tool has never been designed explicitly with user flows in mind. To draw lines and connectors between screens, designers have to resort to unnatural methods and use a bunch of different tools altogether. Designers have to export static PNGs of their screens and import them into flowchart software not built for visual designs. The result? A printable user flow diagram that is usually difficult for the audience to follow. But this has changed, thanks to Overflow; the world’s first user flow diagramming tool tailored for designers.

Finally, user flows done right.

Reinventing how user flow diagramming should be done, Overflow empowers designers to communicate their designs in a new, impactful way.

As a powerful cross-platform tool that integrates seamlessly with the most popular design tools, Overflow helps designers quickly turn their designs into playable user flow diagrams. This way, designers can effectively communicate their work, while fully engaging their audience with an interactive user flow presentation. Designers can now design, present, share and print their user flows to get valuable feedback, all in one place.

Overflow is here!

Overflow is available as a free download on MacOS with a Windows version being high in our to-do list.

Although still in beta, the response and feedback we received from the community and early beta subscribers were beyond our expectations. Overflow came right on time to fill a large gap in the designers toolset. So here’s a small taste of what to expect from Overflow:

Accelerate your user flow design process

Overflow makes your user flow design process faster and easier than ever. You can start off with syncing your existing designs from Sketch, Figma or Adobe XD, upload images and add shapes. Link your screens with connectors and create beautiful user flows in minutes.

Impress your audience with an interactive flow presentation

Tell the story behind your designs with Overflow’s interactive flow presentations. Show your audience the big picture with a birds-eye view and zoom in to focus on the details. Easily switch to a rapid prototype if you need a screen to screen feel.

User flow diagramming tool
Meet Overflow — User flow diagramming tool

Engage stakeholders with user flows they can finally understand

Stakeholders can finally understand the user journey of your website or app. Share your user flow diagrams using the Overflow cloud and let your audience experience a magical journey on their web browser or mobile device.

Paving the way for improved team collaboration

We’re on a mission to change the way product teams communicate their designs. The Overflow Beta version is just the beginning. Download Overflow on MacOS for free, and we can’t wait to see what you make with it!

This article is sponsored by ProtoIO.