Delightful Chrome extension to fix UI issues on live website – NO coding required – annotate, discuss & resolve changes remotely without leaving your website.

Visual Inspector
Visual Inspector

Imagine, you are designer working on website project and dev team just built the website from your designs.

You are excited to see how it looks and annnd just how you had guessed, dev guys from development have messed up again:

  • Dev guys used the wrong font-size.
  • And padding in heading is also incorrect.
  • And CTA background is different from design.
  • And… the list goes on

Damm!! So you take the screenshot and send your feedback to dev guys over email.

Also the Product Manager made last-minute suggestion(s) on the heading text so he takes the screenshot and sends it to you and dev guys over email.

So does someone from marketing team and, almost every other stakeholder.

Pretty soon, there’s tons of emails and fixing these design bugs, suggestions or UI issues become extremely painful.

If only you could make the change right in the website and share them with the team to review, it’d be much quicker to take final decisions, save time and effort for the entire team.

That’s why we built a delightful Chrome extension – Visual Inspector to make temporary changes in live website without coding, add comments to highlight changes and invite stakeholders by sharing the link.

Here’s a quick 1-minute video of how easy it is to make changes, fix & collaborate UI issues on live pages using Visual Inspector:

Here’s how it works:

1. Edit live web pages, fix design bugs or try new styles. No coding required.

Edit live web pages
Edit live web pages

2. Add comments to it and invite stakeholders review.

Add comments
Add comments

3. Discuss and collaborate changes in real-time.

Discuss and collaborate
Discuss and collaborate

That’s it!! You get your pixel-perfect faster than ever before. Pro-tip: You can also get pixel-perfect design properties – fonts, colors, icons or any other from your website.

fonts, colors, icons
Get pixel-perfect design properties – fonts, colors, icons

Benefits of using Visual Inspector

Visual Inspector has tons of benefits over traditional means of website feedback (Usually over screenshot and email) when it comes to website reviews and fixing design issues.

  • No Coding required: No more fiddling in code to check design values or make changes.
  • Everything happens within your website: No more round trips between websites and emails.
  • Real-time notifications: Keep everyone’s updated all the time.
  • Export CSS for developers: You gotta keep them happy too.

And, it beautifully integrates with your workflow – Slack, Jira, Bugzilla (available in private beta)

Abhilash, Sr. UX researcher @Freshworks
Abhilash, Sr. UX researcher @Freshworks

Who should use Visual Inspector

Whether you are a designer in a product team or in a design agency or even do freelance work, you would have been in this situation and agree with me that these last-minute design fixes are a big pain and kill your productive time (and often, we are not paid for these UI fixes).

Not to mention, it’s a big frustration for the entire team.

So, why waste your time to collaborate website feedback over screenshot and email when you can save time with Visual Inspector to and fix these issues 10-times faster and go share a beer with friend or spend quality time with family.

Last month alone, more than 40,000 designers around the world used Visual Inspector to review over 3.8 Million web pages and made web a better place.

Pablo Stanley, Designer/Co-founder @CarbonHealth
Pablo Stanley, Designer/Co-founder @CarbonHealth

Annnd.. Here’s a good news..

Usually, all the awesomeness of Visual Inspector is available at the price you will love – just $5 per month. Price that suits to everyone in the room and you don’t have to hassle to get approvals… 🙂

But it gets even better – As part of HeyDesigner family, now you can grab lifetime subscription of Visual Inspector in – $49 (instead of paying usual $299). That’s 83% saving.

As someone who has worked as freelance designer, I understand it is ridiculous to keep paying monthly subscription fee.

So, here’s your opportunity to grab lifetime of subscription for just $49, instead of paying $5 every month. You also get access to:

  1. Inspect and edit unlimited pages every month
  2. Invite unlimited stakeholders to review – Client, product managers, dev guys
  3. Lifetime exporting of colors, fonts and other design properties from the page
  4. All subsequent updates to the page
  5. Single dashboard for maintaining all projects and pages
  6. Access to Slack, Jira integration (part of public beta)
  7. Export CSS changes from the live changes
  8. Priority support to resolve issue

Trusted by thousands of designers around the world everyday.

Highly recommended to all web designers working in freelance and design agencies.

Yes I know, it’s really unbelievable but true!! You get to save all your time in collaborating website issues and have to pay just once, like forever.

But hurry up, in next few days first 500 Hey Designer members will get lifetime access to Visual Inspector for just $49.

Make sure you are one of them to avoid paying monthly subscription fee.. 🙂

Yes, I want lifetime access to Visual Inspector for just $49.

Only commitment from you is to make web a better place with lesser design bugs.

How to get the deal

Click below and get Lifetime subscription for Visual Inspector at just $49 Claim Your Lifetime Access to Visual Inspector.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 and doesn’t take more than 30 seconds:

  1. Click on the above link to open deals page
  2. Enter an email Id & password for your account
  3. Proceed to pay (via Stripe)

Once paid successfully, you’ll be taken to your dashboard with instructions to use Visual Inspector and invoice etc.

That’s it!! You are all set to review and launch your pixel perfect website.

Got a query? Feel free to drop a chat message in the deals page or send an email to

Deal is available till or before 14th April, 2018 for first 500 users. So, grab this deal to avoid paying $5 every month. Fastest fingers first.. 😉

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