Are you looking to take the next step in your career? Want to find a roadmap to improve your work and increase your value as a designer? Over the last year I’ve helped hundreds of students improve by stepping through practical advice and insight into Design Thinking and better Design execution. My fear is this is going to sound like a bad spiel, or worst yet like that guy who used to be on youtube with his stupid leased Lamborghini. But the truth is I love what I do and I want to share my passion and knowledge with others.

Process Mastercalss

Who am I? I’m Nguyen, a Creative Director/freelance designer/maker with 10 years of experience. Early on in my career I was lucky enough to have landed at a great studio that had great mentors. And I owe so much of what I know to them. I learnt a ton during that period, without these amazing people throughout my career I wouldn’t know what I know today. In that time I’ve been fortunate enough to work for brands such as Nintendo, Nissan, Adidas and Target. And have generated tremendous value for these companies (millions). It’s been 10 years already.

From small clients to billion dollar businesses, and all the valuable lessons learnt along the way. As a designer I’ve always wondered what’s on the other end. To take a sneak peek on the process of designers and agencies I’ve admired. I get a lot of questions about my work via dribbble and email. So I decided to create a course that shares that very blueprint. Something that I would have loved at the beginning or mid-way through my career.

Process Mastercalss

Being a great designer involves a myriad of skill sets. Most courses focus on a single aspect – but I wanted to design and create a course that was more like a road map. Something that was a bit more end to end, that you can refer back to when required. A road map that gives you a great foundation to build from so that can you can see how the design process all ties in together. Understand the impact and the value design has along with the details and tools to make it happen. I am of the firm belief that you need to be passionate and resourceful in this industry.

Process Mastercalss

Only the best float to the top. If you go through the concepts and apply them I have no doubt that it will increase your value as a designer. And start kicking ass! Something that looks at Design Thinking and Design Execution. The skills and process to think like a leader all the way down to the tools, craft and foundation to make it happen. A course with practical industry insight, a process that the best companies in the world use and most importantly something without all the “bullshit”. Something that can help you level up.

“The awesome thing was that after going through your class, I found so much value in learning not just design execution, but design thinking to create meaningful work that solves business & user’s issues. thinking outside of the pixels” – Nainoa
“Alright the biggest thing I’ve gained is … Real world insight. Insight on how a professional(s) work. Insight as to techniques and how to work with clients. ..I know at some point I would want to freelance, you’ve worked with some big brands and I thought to myself where else would I get this information. Of course I could try to find something free online but would it really be accurate? This is coming from someone that’s credible.” – Stalone
“Your kind of like everybody’s mentor who buys the course. I’ve been remote since day one so I haven’t had the opportunity to work side-by-side and learn from with somebody with a lot more experience than me, this type of course is the next best thing imo.” – Marcus
“You teach with heart, I can feel it” – Nhi

But before the getting the Process Masterclass, I’d love for you to try my free 7 day email course first. Which shares free lessons, stories and resources to help you on your way. I like to provide upfront value first and if you enjoy the email course I’d love for you to join the Process Masterclass 🙂

Keep designing and keep being awesome.