Apple devices have long been considered consumer devices. However, things are rapidly changing as user preference shapes organizational preference. According to Statista, iPhone enjoys a worldwide market share of over 19%, making it one of the most popular brands of all. Thanks to robust security features and excellent ease of use, the ability to support Apple devices, such as the MacBook, iPad and iPhone, can be immensely beneficial to any organization.

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Why You Need Mobile Device Management

The challenge of bringing Apple devices into the workplace lies in configuring them properly as to protect your company apps and data and keep a close eye on the flow of corporate information. As such, manually enrolling and configuring a constantly expanding portfolio of devices can be time-consuming and complicated. If you have a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, whereby employees use their own devices for work, the issue becomes even more troublesome.

Mobile device management (MDM) provides a centralized solution for managing your fleet of devices quickly, efficiently and consistently and without the heightened risk of human error compromising security and usability. That’s where Jamf Now comes in – an MDM solution specifically designed for Apple devices.

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Enroll New Users with Ease

One of the biggest selling points of Apple devices is their usability. That’s why Jamf Now puts the user at the center of the experience without all the complicated steps involved in manually enrolling a new device for use in the workplace. Centralized management through a convenient cloud-based portal allows administrators to create Blueprints to automate enrollment for users. You can then assign Blueprints to each device or have your users visit the Jamf Now portal on their devices, provide their details and enroll in your MDM program in minutes.

Maintain a Complete Inventory of Your Device Portfolio

There’s no denying that mobile technology brings many benefits to the workplace, such as increased productivity and workforce mobility. However, the convenience of mobile devices also presents new challenges concerning data governance and security. For example, how do you know which devices employees are using to access your corporate IT resources and, potentially, sensitive data that you cannot risk falling into the wrong hands?

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Jamf Now provides complete visibility into your entire portfolio of mobile devices by allowing administrators to access a full inventory of every enrolled device. Using the cloud-based configuration portal, they’ll be able to view the status of every enrolled device, along with security settings, applied login credentials and installed apps.

Enhance Security for all Mobile Devices

Devices might be expensive, but chances are your corporate data is worth a lot more than the value of the devices alone. Given the much greater chances of a mobile device getting lost or stolen, security presents by far the biggest challenge of safely integrating them with your wider technology infrastructure. That’s why centralized management of security settings, updates and remote wiping are critical for the success of any MDM program.

Jamf Now greatly simplifies security by ensuring that all operating systems and apps are kept up to date automatically. Furthermore, administrators will always be able to check the update status of every enrolled device through Jamf Now. They’ll also be able to enforce important security settings, such as data encryption, password policies and remote-wiping or locking of devices. In other words, if a device doesn’t meet the requirements of your security policies, then users will be prevented from using it to access corporate resources.

Are you ready to bring Apple devices into the workplace without all the hassle? If so, Jamf Now is here to help. Our platform allows lets you manage the first three devices for free, forever. You can add more for just $2 per device per month. To get started, create your free account today!

Note: This article is sponsored by Jamf Now.