After two years online, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen the new .design domain by now. It was introduced by a company based in Portland O.R. and has been adopted by companies large and small, including,, and a dozen other household names.

The site has a ‘coming soon’ message so using .design to create content for a company’s design followers is clearly a trend. It makes sense, with the design leaders from these companies touring conferences and competing for an advantage in thought leadership and talent within the burgeoning UX and web design industries.

The .design allows big companies to create a specific destination with design centric content that would be lost on their main .com sites. After all, you don’t head to to read about their design processes and tools. Individuals and smaller companies, however, are often able to use it to replace and improve existing branding or start fresh with a brandable name. There are still great domains available, including short words and names, unlike .com. It is both explicit and elegant to potential clients and makes for a good looking email address.


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