With over 3 million members and 18,000+ classes, Skillshare is kind of like the Netflix for online learning. A subscription to Skillshare gives you unlimited access (via desktop, tablet, or mobile) to thousands of great classes in everything from photography and illustration to animation and graphic design, not to mention various business and tech classes as well. With Skillshare, you can learn from the likes of Aaron Draplin, Jessica Hische, Debbie Millman, Ellen Lupton, and DKNG Studios. And HeyDesigner is now giving you 2 months of unlimited classes for $0.99 to try out the platform yourself.

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1. Logo Design with Draplin: Secrets of Shape, Type and Color by Aaron Draplin

Portland-based designer Aaron Draplin is legendary for the pride and craftsmanship that he brings to every project. Whether designing for Draplin Design Company clients like Nike and Ride Snowboards, or personal brands like his Field Notes memo notebooks, his work always strikes viewers as functional, nostalgic, and iconic. How does he do it?

Logo Design with Draplin
Logo Design with Draplin: Secrets of Shape, Type and Color by Aaron Draplin

In this 70-minute class, you’ll go behind-the-scenes as Aaron shares his logo design process with a very personal project: the family crest. From background research to geometric structure to typography to color choice, he provides helpful tips and shortcuts in Illustrator for creating beautiful work in a hyper-efficient manner.

Throughout the class, Aaron emphasizes the benefits and techniques of simplifying designs in order to create compelling logos. It’s a perfect class for designers, creators, and everyone who wants to be inspired by a master at work.

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2. Smart Responsive UX Design: Clever Tips, Tricks and Techniques by Vitaly Friedman

How do you turn a complex group of components into a beautifully designed user experience? This 90-minute class with the editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine walks us through practical techniques, clever tricks and useful strategies you need to be aware of when working on responsive user interface designs.

Smart Responsive UX Design
Smart Responsive UX Design: Clever Tips, Tricks and Techniques by Vitaly Friedman

This class is perfect for UX and UI designers, developers, art directors and graphic designers alike who want to step up their game on the web. Vitaly dives into 7 different components of successful user experiences, and a big-picture view of how they work together.

  • Navigation
  • Iconography
  • Tables & Calendars
  • Web Forms
  • Adjusting Micro-Components
  • Responsive Upscaling and more

No fluff, no theory — just what worked (or failed, and why) in real-life projects. By the end of the course, you’ll have an arsenal of responsive components that you can incorporate into your website designs, and most importantly, a cohesive grasp of how they intermingle.

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3. Simple Character Animation by Fraser Davidson

Bring simple characters to life! Animation is the future of design and an important next step in expanding your design skill set. In this class, the instructor walks you through a simple process where you’ll learn to build and rig a simple character for animation and share it as a gif!

Simple Character Animatio
Simple Character Animation by Fraser Davidson

This Skillshare class is going to break down the process of character animation for you. The instructor will cover simple character creation and animation techniques from design and rigging, through to simple walk cycle animation. You will learn about shape layers, paths, masks, key framing and key frame velocity – and how to apply them to your animations. What you’ll learn:

  • Design in Illustrator. The instructor will walk you through simple character design, and how to design with After Effects animation in mind.
  • Building in After Effects. You will take your character from Illustrator, and import it into After Effects to build your him for animation.
  • Rigging in After Effects. The instructor will walk you through the process of rigging your character for simple motion in After Effects.
  • Walk or run cycle. You’ll finalize your action and get your character moving in a scene!
  • Export your animated GIF. Finally, you’ll learn the simple process for getting your animation shareable and out there!

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4. Mastering Illustrator: 10 Tips & Tricks to Speed Up Your Workflow by DKNG Studios

Join DKNG designers Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman for a 40-minute class revealing the Adobe Illustrator tricks of the trade they employ for a fast and efficient workflow.

Mastering Illustrator
Mastering Illustrator: 10 Tips & Tricks to Speed Up Your Workflow by DKNG Studios

Drawing on specific components of their work with Star Wars, Back to the Future, and SXSW, as well as personal design projects, this class covers everything from simple keyboard shortcuts to more complex visuals like pattern strokes and vector halftones, all the way up to the new “Live Corners” feature in Illustrator CC.

Whether you’re just starting out with Illustrator or have been using the software for some time and just want to speed up your process, DKNG’s 10 tips will unlock a better way to create, while keeping everything in vector form.

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