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Best Practices for Cards

Cards are neat little containers for information. They became almost a default option when it comes to balancing clear aesthetics with simple usability. First introduced by servises like Pinterest and Facebook, today ...


12 Timeless UI Patterns Analyzed

People don’t visit websites for the design – they want content. As explained in Web UI Patterns 2016 Vol. 1, design is just a means of presenting content in the most intuitive ...

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Making Animated GIFs: UX Interactions & More

This fun, 25-minute class walks you through how to design beautiful, simple animated GIFs for your UX interactions and animations. Product Designer Noah Levin teaches you how to use simple tools ...


Optimistic UIs in Under 1000 Words

Let’s talk today about optimistic UIs. Optimistic? Optimistic UIs don’t wait for an operation to finish to update to the final state. They immediately switch to the final state, showing fake data ...


Designing Musical User Interfaces

Using harmonies and chords to go beyond visuals and enhance the user experience We leverage the sounds of our morning alarm or the distinct beep of an unlocked car to communicate with ...


Death by Hamburger

Recently, I was reviewing my work on a mobile app with another designer, when he asked me why I didn’t use a hamburger menu for the app’s main navigation. The question caught ...