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Webfont Support in Email

While trying to find out which webfont services are compatible with email, one type foundry mentioned that their license only covers certain font formats. I believe it was WOFF, EOT and SVG, ...


Mobile App Design with Sketch 3

8.5 Hours of Content: Become a Master Mobile App Designer w/ This Full-Spectrum Sketch 3 Course. Sketch 3 helps modern designers work faster and better to create amazing graphics ...

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Guidelines for Letterspacing Type

I know very few web designers who ever adjust letterspacing when setting type on the web. Small changes can have an enormous effect on the readabiltity of text. That means it’s hard ...


16 Product Things I Learned at Imgur

Every interface can be made simpler. One useful technique is to have a separate meeting focused just on cutting and simplifying. You can also appoint an individual ‘cutter’ to take this role ...


Organising Sketch for iOS

We have grown up. The app has changed a lot brings us symbols, newly arrived export and even some bitmap editing. The community has expanded dramatically — many tools and companies support Sketch. I ...


3 Parts of Good Visual Interface Design

Reduced to its fundamentals, good visual interface design seems to me to be composed of three parts, or requirements. How well each is met will dictate the quality of the work. If ...